4 Basic Causes of Depression You Should Know

4 Basic Causes of Depression You Should Know

Mental Health is beginning to take centre stage in global issues. People have started realizing how important it is to have a healthy mental life. One very important mental health being discussed today is Depression, depression has been known to the leading cause of most suicide. 4 Basic Causes of Depression You Should Know

Most people struggle quite often with depression with little to no idea of how to escape the illness. Most people don’t know how to seek help when depressed. Depression can be caused by so many factors which most times people do not take cognizance of.

In this, therefore, we will be mentioning four like causes of depression. Once the causes are known, it is left for the patient to seek further help in managing his or her state. Depression cure isn’t good and should be tackled from its cause. And that is what we intend to achieve with this post.

Here are the 4 Basic Causes of Depression You Should Know

1. Trauma and Grief

Trauma which includes violence, physical and emotional abuse, be it any stage in life, can certainly cause depression in vulnerable people. Grief after the death of a loved one might seem to be normal, but as with any type of loss, grief can slowly lead to clinical depression. It is therefore advisable to seek medical help if you are suffering from a great loss.

2. Longer Sleep Time and Smoking

4 Basic Causes of Depression You Should Know

Recent research shows that Sleep time and tobacco smoking could be associated with a change in mood which could lead to depression. According to health shot, as times goes on, the lifestyle features which were protective of change in mood in individuals with clinical depression was optimal sleep about 7 to 9 hours and not forgetting lower screen time. It was then revealed that a better-quality diet was seen to be protective of a depressed state in those without depression.

3. Medications and Substances

4 Basic Causes of Depression You Should Know
medical substance

Many prescribed drugs and substances can cause symptoms of depression in individuals, according to research by WebMD. Alcohol and substance abuse is very common in individuals that are depressed. They are known to often make their mental health worse by causing mood swings.  It is also known to interfere with the effects of prescribed medications meant to treat depression.

4. Another Causes of Depression You Should Know is Gender

Based on recent researches, it has been known that women are twice more likely to be depressed as compared to men. A lot of factors do contribute to this, one is the possibility of hormonal changes in women at different times of their lives.

In Conclusion

Over the years, depression has been the leading cause of the high suicide rate in most countries. It only shows the human mental health keeps deteriorating due to certain causes as listed above. It is therefore important for everyone to be mentally health-conscious. If you by any means feel depressed due to any cause, it is important you take a break or seek medical advice or treatment as soon as possible. The world is a whole lot better with people having stable mental health. See a mental health doctor and live a healthy lifestyle.

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