Common Mistakes Men Make in Fashion

5 Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make

If you go online or pick up a fashion magazine, you may come across more fashion tips for women than you can get for men but there are more to that, this is what leads to 5 Common Mistakes Men Make in Fashion .

Considering how men have been left out, it is understandable that many make mistakes when choosing what outfit to wear. In this post we will be dealing with 5 common fashion mistakes men make. If you want to know them, please continue reading.

5 Common Mistakes Men Make in Fashion
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5 Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make

  1. Logo Outfit
    Lot of men make this mistake a lot. Most men literally look like a walking advert board. From the snickers to the face face, it all has popular brand logo. Having just one logo of a brand you love should suffice. Anything other than that looks cheap.
  2. Mandals and socks
    It looks extremely stupid when you pay for your mandals (men’s sandals) with socks. By assuming you make a fashion statement, you end up looking like the average guy on the street. If you do not want your feet to be exposed, choose sneakers or loafers instead. If the mandals are right for you, then you should give up the socks. Wearing a mandal with socks look cheap and tacky.
    Wrinkled clothes-5 Common Mistakes Men Make in Fashion
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  3. Wrinkled clothes
    This is not just a common fashion mistake common to men; it is also an embarrassing one too. Take the time to iron your shirt because while the wrinkles are cool, the cordless look, on the other hand, is not and can make even the most beautiful clothes and the most beautiful dresses look sloppy.
  4. Unbalanced accessories / shoes
    Accessories can make or mar your outfit which is why you need to pay attention to the smallest details. Linking your accessories with your outfit is very important. For example, if you choose to wear black shoes, make sure your watch strap and belt are black and that the color of your suit looks good with black straps. Feel free to try the different colours. But the bottom line is, you have to pay careful attention to your accessories, shoes and outfit.
    5 Common Mistakes Men Make in Fashion
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  5. . Matchy unequal Colours
    It surely no news that women also make this fashion mistake. Trying to find the same outfit by pairing two colors that do not share anything other than the same name is all wrong and should be avoided. Some colors are best worn individually and are not compatible with other colours.

In Conclusion

The above common fashion mistakes men make might seem a little bit funny but they could be embarrassing too. All you need is to avoid making the above mistakes! Most of these mistakes make men look cheap and tacky! Do well to avoid them next time. Look elegant and give yourself that confidence you need. Cheers!