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The Importance of Fashion Illustration in Nigeria

Fashion Illustration in Nigeria- contviews

Introducing Fashion Illustration in Nigeria, what comes to your mind when you heard of fashion illustration, note that they are various types or forms of illustration but I’m will be showing you somethings that may interest you about illustration in fashion.

Fashion Illustration in Nigeria

Whats is Fashion illustration

Fashion illustration is an interesting blend of art and fashion. It is what should always come first in the fashion industry before the creation of any style.

Fashion illustration is the representation of fashion ideas using animation, caricature, paintings, sketches and drawings. It is the bringing to life of a fashion idea onto a plain screen or sheet.

The popularity of fashion illustration in Nigeria is low presently. Most fashion designers do not see or understand the need for fashion illustration. But it is necessary.

Fashion Illustration in Nigeria - necessary as the plan of a house before it is built.

What are the importance of Fashion Illustration

The following are some importance of fashion illustration.
  1. It connects fashion with art- Art is beautiful, dynamic and it strikes a chord in the heart of its observers. Fashion illustration brings more dynamics to fashion and helps people connect with fashion through art.
  2. A means of expression- Fashion illustration is a means of expressing thoughts and ideas. A fashion crazy artist or a creative person can use fashion illustration to express how they feel about certain colours to fashion and specific styles. Fashion illustration can also be used to play around with different designs and materials without actually cutting or sewing.
  3. It’s a customer magnet- Fashion illustration can be used to show off new ideas and styles of a brand and this attracts customers and remarkably increases sales.
  4. It exhibits the illustrator’s creativity- The creative mind of illustrators can be seen through their art. This also sets them apart are from other illustrators.  Art is so broad that it’s new every morning and differs with every artist. Fashion illustrators make a wide range of art and combinations to form new styles.
  5. New sensations and trends- New trends can be constructed using fashion illustration. All it takes is a creative idea and a creator to bring the idea to paper.
  6. Helps a brand stand out- Fashion illustrators can create brand signatures for particular brands such that the clothes produced by such brand is attributed to it and differs from others.

Fashion Illustration in Nigeria - contviws

Popular Fashion Illustrators

Fashion Illustration in Nigeria
Eniola Claire Iderawunmi
  • Eniola Claire Iderawunmi- Claire Iderawunmi is the creator of Claire Idera. She is an architect-turned-illustrator and operates workshops on fashion illustration in Nigeria.
  • Fatima Safana- She is the brain behind Siyam Illustration. Fatima Safana is a designer and fashion illustrator. Her illustrations examine variations of fashion from the northern part of Nigeria.
  • Okhai Akhigbe- Okhai Ahigbe is the brain of Lean Kid. He is a fashion illustrator and has a great passion for drawing.
  • Adesola Gbadamosi- Adesola Gbadamosi holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Fine and Applied Arts. Her illustrations focus on female characters. She is the brain behind Illustration by Adesola.
  • Faith Adigwe- Faith Adigwe is the creator of Viera Amber. She learned fashion illustration herself.
Fashion Illustration in Nigeria
Fashion Illustration


Fashion illustration is an important and rising aspect of the fashion industry. Many don’t see its importance yet but that’s even more reason to get involved in it if you love fashion illustration.

Create art. Create fashion.

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