How to Learn a New Language


Learning a new language is challenging, you may give up on how to learn a new language because it’s not forthcoming or you don’t know how to start or how to go about it or even lose hope in the end.

‘I want to learn a language’. 98% of the human population has had this thought at least once (facts by my humble self). But how do you actually learn that beautiful language or languages?

During the total lockdown period in Nigeria, I heard this song that made my insides dance (with joy, of course) and gave me a new love. It made me love Spanish.

I downloaded two apps and YouTube videos on how to learn Spanish. I just wanted to know the language.


I didn’t.

I got tired as the days passed and gave up when results were nowhere to be seen.

Until I found better ways to learn.

In this article, you’d find ways to learn the language of your choice.

Steps on How to Learn New Language

So you have a language you want to learn!

How do you do it?


I watched a video, a carpool karaoke with BTS (I love them) where RM said he learned English by watching Friends, the popular TV show.

Movies are a sure, engaging means to learn a new language. While you watch with subtitles, write out phrases that you catch on and what they mean. Repeat words and phrases as you hear them to improve your pronunciation.

As you get better, watch without the subtitles to test yourself.

movie subtitle

Teach yourself

Focus on the most used words first. The most used words are the most important ones used in sentences. Learning the top 1000 words would put you on track. You’d find learning easier and faster.

Also, learn one topic at a time.

For example, learning vocabularies on places before learning about modes of transportation. Something like that. This would help you coordinate your learning.

teach yourself

New Friends

This helps with getting the right intonation and reduces the amount of pressure you’d feel with speaking or practicing in public.

Make new friends who are indigenous speakers of the language you wish to understand.

Not only will you learn how to speak the language naturally, but they would also teach you the slangs, adages, jokes and puns.

How to Learn a New Language

Pen pals

Write to a pen pal in the language you’re making an effort to understand. Similar to making friends, having a pen pal to whom you send emails or chats, for example, would help you exercise your knowledge.

The pen pal would correct you if there is a need and help you use the words in the right and natural structure.

Translate your favourite things

Your favourite foods, favourite names, favourite pets, favourite colours… anything you find as your favourite, translate it into the language.

You’d learn this much faster because you’re very much interested in them and they’ll stick to your memory.

Google Translate

As you read an article on the web, translate it to the language you’re learning with google translator and read in that language instead.

While watching videos also, choose the ones in the language with or without a caption to help you engage your knowledge.

How to Learn a New Language
Google Translator

Use the language daily

Speak it. Watch videos. Talk to yourself in the mirror. You don’t have to know a lot before you can watch videos. Watching videos help you get familiar with how the words are pronounced.


Learning a new language can be fun as long as you are willng.

Now that you know how, turn your learning mode on and learn that language!

And don’t forget to share this article. Adios.