Nigerian Men’s Fashion Styles 2020

Agbada style

Fashion, like many other things that concern humans, changes and improves daily.

Nigerian men’s fashion styles  has transformed and evolved over the years. The Nigerian men’s fashion styles has changed from being plain and predictable to artistic and distinct but without losing the touch of tradition.

Nigerian men’s fashion has new and fresh styles of clothes (native and non-native), footwears, and the more added to their catalogue.

The rise of new designs of clothes and shoes closely follow the need for fresh and new fashion trends.

As fashion illustrators and fashionistas come up with new ideas and as people involve their style and fashion ideas into the clothes they wear, fashion is shown and given a new light.


Latest Fashion Trends

There are a lot of trending fashion trends but some of the latest Nigerian men’s fashion styles include:

  1. Mix-matched Ankara: This fashion style is a big show of art and beauty. Various kinds of materials are  joined together to harmonise into a blend of colours and patterns.

Materials with the same pattern but different colours and materials with different colours and patterns can be used to achieve this style.

This fashion style can be used in the making of any kind of wear: casual, semi-formal, formal.

For instance, imagine a suit and its trousers made with a red Ankara with cool blue patterns and a shirt made of the same cool blue colour with harmonizing patterns.

Above all ankara can not only be mixed with Ankara, but it can also be mixed with other textile materials: wool, lace, pique, cotton and more.

2.   Senator: This fashion style is exactly what its name means. No, it doesn’t make you a Senator. The Senator Fashion style originates from Senators. This style used to be their signature look and now a lot of people share it with them.

It’s stylish and can be sewn in a variety of styles as the wearer or designer pleases.

The original textile material used to sew this fashion style is ‘pique’. It’s a cotton textile weaved with patterns on it. However plain textile materials are also used to make this style.

3.  However Atiku: This fashion style is named after an ex-vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar because it was initially worn by him.

For instance the Atiku style is made with a material which is adorned with stripes: one stripe lighter and the next darker, in a continuous sequence.

danshiki styles

Other Men’s Fashion include:

4.  Chelsea boots: These boots are highly fashionable and are must-haves for every fashionista. They come in leather, suede and different kinds of materials.

However imagine yourself in a pair of blue Chelsea boots with black (or blue) jeans paired with a white t-shirt and gorgeous sunglasses. Can you see it?

5.   Loafers: Loafers are a gorgeous pair of shoes. It’s is made in different colours and styles and can be worn to accentuate both native and non-native attire. They are comfortable (as long as you get your size) and they are dashing.

In Conclusion

With the improvement of Nigerian men’s fashion, native and non-native, there’s a whole lot to pick from.

Do your research, choose your style and rock it.