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Senator fashion style

Senator fashion style

What do you understand by Senator fashion style? This style is a unique one given its name and characteristic features, It uses a textile material known as ‘pique’ which is a cotton material weaved with patterns. The senator fashion style can also be sewn using plain cotton textiles.

Senator styles are a unique brand on their own. What does it mean though? Is it only Senators that wears them? (Nahh) Or does it mean people who wear them would morph into Senators?

Keep reading to learn more on this classic, head-turning and gaze-magnetizing style…

Senator fashion style

The Origin

The Senator Fashion style has its origin from Senators (you guessed right). It doesn’t make people senators, neither is it worn by only senators.

This style has been noted to be worn by Senators and so, people took interest in them, the likes of fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts.

The style is made up of a (Buba) in Yoruba language which means a shirt with short or long sleeves and (Sokoto) a straight pair of trousers. The material used is called pique and it’s woven with designs. Plain cotton materials can also be used to sew Senator Styles.

The senator style is comfortable and can be worn to both formal and informal occasions without looking overdressed.


To add extra sauce to the already sauced up attire, here are several things to accompany your senator fashion style:

  1. Sandals: What’s the first thought that came to your mind when you saw this? Did you think “Uhh, old school” or “Why would I wear sandals?” or “Am I going to school?” even students these days don’t put on sandals to school anymore.
    Well, sandals aren’t only for school and neither are they old school because they have evolved like most things on this planet and it now like a source to stylish.
    Stylish sandals worn on feet with well-manicured nails would add style and comfort to your dressing.
  2. Loafers: Fresh styles of shoes are also produced and they are a lot. There’s a broad variety of shoes to choose from with different prices and qualities. An example of this broad range of shoes includes Loafers.

    This is a fresh style of shoes made by shoe designers. It can be worn with native attires (like the senator style), casual outfits and formal ones.

    As long as you get a size that fits you perfectly, these shoes are comfortable and stylish.

  3. Mules: Mules are fashionable and comfortable. They’re your go-to if you’re aiming for comfy but stylish.

    Mules have been associated with traditional outfits for both men and women in the past and are now introduced in new and improved styles. Mules were recently made popular by the Gucci mules.

    Mules are made in different styles with different materials such as leather and faux fur.

    The front can be either covered in shoe-like fashion or left open with straps across the feet.


The senator fashion style is an interesting and trendy outfit to not just add to your collection but to also rock events with.

This style is a must-have if you don’t have one yet. Slay, look good and feel like a Senator.

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