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Friday, November 26, 2021
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Why You Should Learn A New Language

Benefit of Why You Should Learn A New Language - Contviews

In these article you will learn Why You Should Learn A New Language and their benefits.

Did you know that learning a new language has also been discovered to expand memory and brain capacity?

From travels to expanding your business, acquiring a new language is a necessary skill you should have.

You may wish to relocate abroad or go on an adventure to find new places and make new memories. But if you can’t communicate with the people, how would you find your way around?

Learning the language the people of a different country or different state speak would help you make new friends; you would also learn about their culture as well.

If the language you wish to learn is similar to the one you speak, learning the language can help increase your understanding of the one you already speak.

Benefits of Why You Should Learn A New Language

Boosts your ability to multitask

Ability to Multitask

Learning a new language builds your brain capacity, helping you to balance doing multiple things at the same time.

Improves your memory
As you learn a new language or languages, your memory bank expands, accumulating new information. You are also able to reason better and faster.

Studies have shown that learning a new language reduces the possibilities of dementia.

Learning a new language also makes it easy for you to learn more languages, to become a polyglot.

Connects you with other cultures
As you learn a new language, you are able to connect easily with the culture of the speakers of that language.

You become able to connect on the same level with the native speakers and understand their stories, history and what makes them who they are.
Knowing a new language gives you an open pass to learning a new culture.

Make new friends!

Friendship interaction

Another reasons Why You Should Learn A New Language is because friends are wonderful. They (plus the heart muscles and the rest) keep our hearts beating.

Learning and being able to communicate in a new language lets you make new friends from other countries.

Improves your academics

Your memory, reasoning and thinking capability and focus are improved when you learn a new language. You also become better academically.

Research shows that students who took on a new language or were bilingual performed better academically and were able to focus better in distracting environments.

Advances your career

Being bilingual or multilingual puts you in front when opportunities for an exchange with foreign companies is needed.
It brings you more opportunities and puts you on the list of valuable people in your company.

Learning a new language also brings with it opportunities to expand your business’ horizon to other countries.

Another benefit Why You Should Learn A New Language is for Travelling

If you love travelling like me and would love to travel around the world someday, learning a new language is a good way to start.

Not only will you feel connected to the country and the people even though you’re not there yet, but you would also be able to make new friends who speak the language in safe online platforms like lingoglobe.

You are more confident!

The ability to speak a new language fluently gives you new wings to fly! It adds to your accomplishments and helps increase your social skills. You’re able to talk to more people and in their native language.

It opens up your horizon

Learning another language enables you to enjoy books, movies, songs and more in that language. It gives you more options for your entertainment and gives you the capacity to learn and think in another language.

P. S. I’m currently learning Hangul (and Spanish) so that I can understand BTS’ songs.

Free websites for learning a new language

Duolingo is said to be the best of the best language learning sites. It is easy to use and breaks down what you need to learn into small chunks for each day.

Lingoglobe helps you to learn a new language, practice for free and make new foreign friends.


New skills, new languages, new cultures… check How to learn a new language

It is never just about the language, you learn about the culture as well. And you get to live as one with people of other countries.

Has this article driven you to learn a new language?

Can you let me know what you think in the comments?

Till next time, adios.

Davies Eyo
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